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Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks

Created by the Ontario government in March 2006, we are 14 not-for-profit corporations who work with local health providers and community members to determine the health service priorities of our regions. As LHINs, we plan, integrate and fund local health services, including:

  • Hospitals

  • Community Care Access Centres

  • Community Support Services

  • Long-term Care

  • Mental Health and Addictions Services

  • Community Health Centres.

We believe that a community’s health needs and priorities are best understood by people familiar with the needs of our communities and the people who live there, not from those in offices hundreds of miles away.

What will LHINs do? 

Prior to the formation of LHINs, health care services in Ontario were fragmented and many health care providers delivered care in isolation. Patients and their loved ones were forced to make their own way through a very complex health system as they moved from one health service provider to another.

LHINs were created to change all that. In March 2006, the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 transformed the way our health care system is managed.

While we do not directly provide services, our mandate is to plan, integrate and fund health care services. As LHINs, we oversee nearly two-thirds of the $37.9 billion health care budget in Ontario.

We're all in this together 

The health care system belongs to you; you are the ones who depend on it and who pay for it. Through your LHIN, you now you have the opportunity to get involved in the health care conversation, which gives you a chance to participate in decisions about the health care system in your community. 

Make your voice heard

We want to hear from you! As LHINs, we want to hear about the needs and priorities for health care in our communities. Across all the LHINs in the province, we have set up a number of ways to invite you to become involved – from open board meetings to open houses. Check with your LHIN to see how you can become involved and make your voice heard.

Using health care dollars effectively

We strive to ensure that health care dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, yielding the best results possible. Accountability agreements between health care providers and LHINs, and between LHINs and government, ensure the responsible use of precious health care resources, and the sustainability of the health care system for generations to come. 

How we are governed

We operate as not-for-profit organizations governed by boards of directors who were appointed by the province after a rigorous skill and merit-based selection process. Each LHIN has nine board members. The board of directors is responsible for the management and control of the affairs of the LHIN and is the key point of interaction with the ministry.

CEOs were selected after an extensive search and selection process and report directly to the LHIN boards. To view new appointments or upcoming vacancies, please click here to redirect to Ontario Public Appointments Secretariat.