2018 Health Equity Symposium: Transforming Health Care Through Equity-Informed Data

On March 27, 2018 the Mississauga Halton LHIN and Summit Housing & Outreach Programs hosted the 5th Annual Health Equity Symposium at the Sheridan Conference Centre in Oakville. The focus of the event was on learning from nearby jurisdictions about how health care is being transformed using health equity-informed data, including sessions on working with the Health Equity Impact Assessment tool, using equity data to improve care, the social determinants of health, designing for inequities in complex systems, and leading organizations through change. 

The symposium brought together four keynote speakers, and offered nine breakout sessions to participants focused on a wide range of equity-related topics. 

Learning Videos from the 2018 Symposium

The following videos have been developed as an educational tool to support learning around the importance of socio-demographic data collection and its connection to improved outcomes and quality care for our residents.

We encourage you to watch the videos to build on your knowledge, and for our health service providers, think about how socio-demographic data can inform program development and outreach to underserved groups.


Transforming Health Care Through Equity-Informed Data in the Mississauga Halton LHIN: Health Equity Symposium Highlights


2018 Health Equity Symposium Keynote Address: Leadership for Health Equity


2018 Health Equity Symposium Keynote Panel


2018 Health Equity Symposium: How do we tackle inequities in health care?


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