Community Care Information Management (CCIM) - Integrated Assessment Record (IAR):

The strategic vision of Community Care Information Management (CCIM) is to provide seamlessly-integrated, community-based client care where all service providers can securely share and access consistent and accurate information electronically.  The Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) is an application that allows authorized users to view a consenting client's assessment information to effectively plan and deliver services to that client.  Assessment projects include: Integrated Assessment Record (IAR), Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN), Community Support Services Common Assessment Project (CSS CAP) and InterRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA).  For more information, follow the link:

All participating Health Service Providers in the Mississauga Halton LHIN have implemented the IAR including: Community Mental Health (7), Community Support Services (19), Community Care Access Centre (1) and In-patient sectors (1).  Twenty-seven of the twenty-eight Long Term Care Homes (LTCH) have also completed the IAR implementation.  The remaining LTCH is scheduled for Q2 2014/15.  This will complete the initial wave of IAR.  Reporting output from IAR to the Mississauga Halton LHIN remains a priority in order to understand adoption and system usage.