Caregiver Respite Program 

The purpose of the Caregiver Respite Collaborative in the Mississauga Halton LHIN is to:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance respite services 
  • Work collaboratively with service providers and caregiver representatives to inform the vision of respite services
  • Advise and make recommendations to the Mississauga Halton LHIN Advancement of Community Capacity regarding respite services to enhance community care and capacity
  • Establish the vision and develop the implementation strategy for LHIN wide respite services

The Caregiver Respite Program provides caregivers with a total of five respite services customized to meet the unique needs of caregivers whose loved ones have high needs. Accessed through a central registry, respite advisors navigate caregivers to services including emergency/crisis respite care, short stay and long-stay respite, adult day, in-home respite care and education/skills training, helping caregivers in their journey.

Personal support worker in pink shirt helping older client with his music as he plays piano

Jack receives support through in-home respite care enabling his daughter and primary caregiver Colleen to attend to other things while knowing he is well looked after.

Feedback from caregivers combined with research data specific to in-home respite continues to inform our respite program services as we continue to support caregivers and meet key strategic targets and priorities. The collaborative research completed in fall 2015 confirmed known data on caregivers and recommended a focused attention on education for caregivers and provider staff due to a high proportion of caring for those with cognitive impairment/ Alzheimer’s and expanded service programming for addressing caregiver depression and isolation. Subsequently, changes have been incorporated into the Caregiver Respite Program to address caregiver needs.

Caregiver Respite Program logoTo learn more about the Caregiver Respite Program and to discuss whether or not this is the right option for you, connect with a Respite Advisor at 905-829-7002, by email at or by visiting The client (the caregiver) can access the program directly, or via referral from their physician or through home and community care.

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