2016 Partnering for a Healthy Community Awards Recipient: Quality

Partnering to Improve Care for High Needs Clients with Acquired Brain Injury and Behavioural Challenges

2016 Partnering for a Healthy Community Awards Recipient: Quality


Aging individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI) often present with challenging behaviours, placing an excessive burden on caregivers. This is not only dangerous to the family and caregivers, it threatens their placements in the home, and may also exclude them from placement in Long-Term Care (LTC). This initiative, a partnership between Extendicare Halton Hills and Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services, provides long-term care homes with increased and specialized ABI resources to prevent and manage clients with challenging behaviours, reducing unnecessary hospital emergency admissions. It has the ultimate goal of maintaining a client’s placement in LTC, and avoiding discharge of a resident to hospital for responsive behaviours.

The vision is to provide specialized ABI services to aging ABI clients who exhibit challenging behaviours in residential settings who have medical and physical care needs too complex for a community group home setting. To also provide a placement alternative for older adults with ABI who are in Alternate Level of Care (ALC) beds or at home with burdened caregivers and who are in need of LTC but who previously would not have met the criteria for admission due to responsive behaviours.

Key successes include:

  • Significantly decreased use of antipsychotic medications.
  • Reduction in long-term care discharges to hospital in the face of unmanageable behaviours.
  • Sharing and dissemination of skills, increasing the ability of staff to support cognitive behavioural challenge in a sustainable manner.
  • Expansion of quality improvement knowledge amongst the providers.

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Partnering Organizations:

  • Extendicare Halton Hills
  • Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services