Resource Centre Library

Welcome to the Governance Resource Centre Library!

A.        Introduction

This section will help you get started by understanding the purpose of the Resource Centre and how to navigate it and use it (along with some other valuable resources)

Governance Resource Centre

B.        Board Development

This section will help you understand the components of good governance and how to re-energize your board for improved performance.

C.        New Director Development

Here are some helpful resources to boost the effectiveness of on-boarding new directors. 

D.        Board and Committee Mandates

In addition to sample mandates for boards and committees, there are some perspectives on the role of committees generally and executive committees in particular.

E.        Board Roles and Mandates

This section provides helpful frameworks and templates for key board and related roles.

F.        CEO and Executive Director Oversight

The Board’s most important responsibility is its oversight of organizational leadership. These processes and tools will help you do that.

G.        Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings are where boards and committees do their work. Proper meeting planning and execution are critical to boards giving effective oversight and optimal decision-making. Here are a series of practical processes and tools to help you improve the quality of your meetings.

H.        Evaluation Processes and Tools

The content of this section provides detailed processes and tools for evaluating all facets of board performance.

I.        Board Succession

Processes, tools and templates for recruiting new directors to ensure sustained board capability and performance.

Complete processes, tools and templates to make organizing your next annual meeting and ensuring its success.

K.        Reports and Articles

This represents a comprehensive library of reports and articles for conducting research on the governance on not-for-profit, voluntary sector and social enterprise boards. 

L.        Bylaws and Policies 

M.        Governance Workshop Materials

The accompanying materials are those used to support the workshops sponsored by the Mississauga Halton LHIN in May and June 2014.

N.  Mississauga Halton LHIN-specific documents