2016 Partnering for a Healthy Community Awards Recipient: Access

Creating Simplified and Equitable Access to Diabetes Care

2016 Partnering for a Healthy Community Awards Recipient: Access


The Mississauga Halton Central Intake Program was launched in 2013 to establish a single access point for all diabetes programs in the Mississauga Halton LHIN. The program is funded by the LHIN and operated by Halton Healthcare.

The Central Intake Program worked in collaboration with all LHIN-funded diabetes programs to improve access and care coordination across the region. The initiative included implementation of a single referral form, standardized insulin order, standardized regional triage criteria and a wait time tracking mechanism. Having proven its success in streamlining the referral process and establishing equitable access for diabetes services, the LHIN provided additional funding to Halton Healthcare to expand the scope of Central Intake to manage referrals for diabetes foot care, addiction and mental health services in 2014.

In 2014, the program developed and implemented an eReferral solution to improve efficiency and transparency in managing the growing volume of referrals across multiple pathways. The eReferral was first deployed for diabetes services and later expanded to addictions and mental health services in 2016. The eReferral allows seamless flow of the referral between referral sources, Central Intake and partnering services. It enables live referral status updating and tracking to all parties and system-wide reporting. The collaborative efforts and success of the Central Intake Program and the diabetes programs in establishing simplified and equitable access has been sought as a model by many other LHINs across the province.

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  • Credit Valley Family Health Team
  • Halton Healthcare
  • Trillium Health Partners